about me

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Maria Kary and I am a third year Middle Years Education student at the University of Regina. I am pre-interning in a wonderful grade 5 classroom here in Regina. I have always been a teacher in some way from teaching dance, swimming lessons, coaching soccer and teaching barre fitness, so becoming a teacher just feels like destiny.

I grew up in Montmartre, Saskatchewan, also known as Paris of the Prairies, and graduated from Montmartre School in 2015. I loved growing up in such a wonderful town and dream of teaching in a school surrounded by a supportive community like my hometown. I love dance, music, outdoors, camping and swimming. I am always keeping myself busy whether it’s dancing with the U of R Dance Team, teaching hip hop, teaching barre fitness classes, or spending time at home with my family.

You will find a collection of my education philosophies, work from some of my classes, reflections from field experiences, some of my best lesson plans and some of my favourite teaching resources.

Let your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, learn more & become more.

Thanks for checking out my e-portfolio!